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Advanced and efficient tech for water movement

Employing advanced technology, ML and AI to conserve water & digitize the water value chain.

The challenge

Trillions of liters of water wasted across the globe each year due to leaky pipes.

No visibility on consumption in multi-tenant facilities due to lack of metering.

No accountability to the individual consumer.

Zero financial impact to multi-tenant consumer.

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The Challenge
Why h2oto

Why H2OTO?

Conserving Water, Conserving Life

AI / ML Powered virtual flowmeter​

  • Capital cost 90% lower than traditional method​

    • Subscription based model (monthly to consumer)​

  • Non-invasive and rapid deployment​

  • No construction or demolition required​

Provides advanced intelligence

  • Leak detection & mitigation​

  • Over consumption, abnormal consumption detection​

  • Automated actions

Digitization & integration of value-chain

  • Maintenance​

  • Ministry 

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Water. Technology. Optimization.


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